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A heart stands for 'I like you' and 'I love you'. A heart can also be drawn in times of change (new school year, divorce) and symbolized the wish to 'be liked' or 'wanting to belong to a certain group or person'.


Children draw crosses when they outgrow a situation and want to develop further. They discover that there is more to the world and come to a crossroads and realize that they can make choices.

It can also symbolize frustration and rebellion.


In the early childhood years the sun can be drawn everywhere on the piece of paper. Around the age of 4-5 years the sun will be placed on top of the paper. The child is now conscious of the outer world and has found its place.


A house symbolizes the childs inner world and family situation. The roof (the triangle) of the house symbolizes the relationship between father, mother and the child. The way the roof has been drawn can give you enormous insight in the mutual relationship.

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