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Do you have children or do you work with children?

Do you find it important to know what is going on in their mind?

Then you are in the right place!


There is one language in the world that everyone speaks; the LANGUAGE OF IMAGES.

The language of images is the language children naturally use to communicate. 


Children often don't know exactly what they're feeling, don't have the right vocabulary yet, find it

difficult to talk about certain topics or are not allowed to talk about something.

At times likes this drawing helps them to express their feelings.

They turn their feelings and experiences into images; their drawing.


How valuable would it be if you know what a child is showing you through these images?

 If you understand the language of pictures you will be able to help the child and better respond to their needs.


 'A picture is worth a thousand words!'

Are you a teacher, a pedagogical employee, an educator, a mother, a father,

a grandmother, a grandfather, a nanny, a babysitter, a coach or are you dealing 

with children in your daily life then understanding a drawing will be a valuable tool for you!


  Drawings are talking, they even tell amazing stories!

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Did you know...?!


Een hart staat voor 'ik vind je lief' maar kan ook staan voor 'aardig gevonden worden, erbij willen horen' in tijden van verandering.


Kinderen tekenen kruizen wanneer ze een situatie ontgroeien, zich verder willen ontwikkelen. Ze ontdekken dat er meer is in de wereld en komen op een kruispunt en beseffen dat ze keuzes kunnen maken. 


In de jonge kinderjaren wordt  de zon overal op het papier getekend, pas later verplaatst de zon zich naar de bovenkant van het papier. Het kind is zich bewust van de buitenwereld en heeft zijn plek gevonden. 


Het dak van een huis staat voor de verhouding tussen vader-moeder-kind. Hoe het kind het dak tekent kan je inzicht geven in deze onderlinge relaties.


Understanding children's drawings

As a certified trainer of reading and understanding children's drawings I love to give lectures and workshops.

I want to spread this message at schools, day cares, nanny organizations, inspirational sessions, coaches, groups of parents, community centers and through Zoom worldwide.

Are you curious about the story behind a drawing of a child and do you want to know more about the wonderful and magical world of child's drawings than I would love to teach you the ins & outs!!!!

Send me an email so we can discuss the opportunities and make it happen!


My mission is to let kids tell their stories and live their full potential.

I would love to teach you how to read, listen and look at a drawing so the child knows

you are there to support and help them.

Because of Zoom, or any other online meeting application I can teach all over the world!

Lectures &
Personal Analysis of a drawing


I am so super excited because today we live in the ‘unlimited’ world. I now give lectures from my home in The Netherlands and deliver my knowledge about reading and understanding children’s drawings everywhere in the world! Through Zoom everything is possible. 

During a lecture I will take you on a journey through the ‘magical world’ of children’s drawings. What is there to see and what is the child trying to tell you? What symbols are most used in drawings and what do they mean?

I love to share my passion about children's' drawings. After the lecture you will have a ton of information and I have shown you a little insight in the language of images in children’s drawings.

Lectures are perfect for inspirational sessions for a group of parents, coaches, teachers etc. A lecture will take approximately 1-1,5 hours.

Personal Analysis of a drawing

A personal analysis of a specific drawing of your child can be a massive gift to your child and yourself. Are you as a parent experiencing difficulties and challenges with your child and you have no idea how you can help him/her with his fears or challenges than taking a closer look at his/her drawings can be very helpful.


Is your child being bullied, experiencing a time of divorce, moving houses or any other issues that could have a huge impact on your child’s life I would love to take a closer look and read and understand a drawing of your child. The lockdown situations in a lot of countries around the world nowadays have an enormous impact and children feel lonely and not understood. Drawing can help them express their feelings and I would love to help you understand what's going on in their mind.

I will make an extensive analysis of the drawing and after we will discuss my findings. I will give you tools so you will be able to guide and help your child through difficult times.



During a workshop you will experience what your own drawing can tell you. You will be active with paper and utensils yourself and afterwards I will walk you through your own drawing. The workshop can have different topics:


  • Drawings of a person (your own portrait)

  • Drawings of a house;

  • Drawings of a tree;

Workshops are perfect if you want to discover what a child is experiencing when it is drawing! Conscious and unconscious gems are hidden in the drawing!

Are you a group of teachers, moms, dads, nanny’s or do you work with kids? Contact me so I can customize any workshop for you and your peers.

A workshop will take about 2-3 hours.

1 - 1 coaching 

If you have a specific question about your child and his drawings 1-1 coaching is also possible. I will coach the parent(s) how to understand what is going on in the childs mind and how you can help your child even better looking at his needs expressed in the drawings. 

This will take place through Zoom and can be done from everywhere with an internet connection.

Let's create some magic!



A heart stands for 'I like you' and 'I love you'. A heart can also be drawn in times of change (new school year, divorce) and symbolized the wish to 'be liked' or 'wanting to belong to a certain group or person'.


Children draw crosses when they outgrow a situation and want to develop further. They discover that there is more to the world and come to a crossroads and realize that they can make choices.

It can also symbolize frustration and rebellion.


In the early childhood years the sun can be drawn everywhere on the piece of paper. Around the age of 4-5 years the sun will be placed on top of the paper. The child is now conscious of the outer world and has found its place.


A house symbolizes the childs inner world and family situation. The roof (the triangle) of the house symbolizes the relationship between father, mother and the child. The way the roof has been drawn can give you enormous insight in the mutual relationship.

For whom?


Within childcare you as a pedagogical employee are fully concerned with the well-being of the child and its development. The developmental stages a child goes through are clearly visible in their drawings.


Are you curious about what is going on in the childs mind?


Workshops for the teacher team, a parent's evening or within the training academy for teachers are tailor made. Looking at a drawing in a different way and therefore being able to engage in a conversation provides valuable information.


Are you curious about what the child is trying to tell you with his? drawing?


As an in-depth session, for child-related courses, you give your students an extra tool. They can immediately implement what they have learned during their internship or first job.


Are you curious about what I can teach the students and what interesting homework assignments they receive from me in preparation?


Together with a group

of interested mothers, parents or friends at home at the dining table.

I teach you how to look at a drawing in a slightly different way based on examples (from your own children).

You can decide for yourself what applies to you.



A picture

is worth a

thousand words  

Talking Drawings


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This is me!

Liel Prijs-Gerus

Why I do what I do


Our son and daughter were born in September 2015 and October 2017. As an entrepreneur I made a conscious choice to be there for my children and to pause my job as a teenager-coach.

When I do something I want to do it for 100% and not 50%.


In addition to being a mother, I occasionally worked as a freelance chef, at various locations. I was able to organize this, in combination with the children, that I felt good about it. However, it started to itch again in 2018; what do I want, what can I do and what just makes me very happy and what is really my passion?

For years I have been working in the personal development area all over the world and met the most amazing people. During these adventures I discovered that living an extraordinary life is something you can not take for granted and you are in your own drivers seat! I learned some life lessons from amazing leaders (Tony Robbins, Kate & Anthony Golle, Loren Lahav, Shore Slocum and Doris Möhsl). One thing they all agree on and live by is: life is too short to not enjoy the make it a masterpiece and do what you are passionate about.


Coincidence does not exist ... I came in contact with the wonderful world of children's drawings. The feeling that this gave me had to be explored, it felt just right; it became my passion. After following a course and than becoming a certified trainer I can officially spread the word! 

Combined with coaching I have the the best "job".

Talking Drawings was born! I would love to introduce you into this special world because drawings really talk to you!

If you know how to understand the language of images, a new world

will open up for you.

Drawings are talking, they even tell amazing stories!


  • License trainer Reading and Understanding Children's Drawings

  • Youth coach

  • HEAO Communication Expert

  • NLP Master Coach

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  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner

  • Master Hypnotherapy

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Louise - Pedagogue & Mother

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